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"I sort of feel like I may have a crush on her voice."

- Bob Reiss, The Guilded Earlobe 

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An Audie Award and Earphones Award winning narrator, Piper has recorded over 350 titles for major publishers such as Audible Studios, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Tantor, as well as for indie authors, and articles for Apple News +. She is a four time Audie Award Finalist, and has narrated works by Meg Cabot, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Alison Bechdel, Joyce Maynard, and John Irving, as well as classics by L.M Montgomery and Thornton Wilder.  A SOVAS Award nominee, her narration has been featured in Kirkus, YALSA, and Booklist.


Piper also directs projects for Audible Studios, including Public/Private by Gail Merrifield Papp, read by Kathryn Grody; Scribner's: Five Generations in Publishing written and read by Charles Scribner III, and The Iliad, new translation by Emily Wilson, performed by Audra McDonald (Earphones Award and one of Audible's Best of 2023 in Fiction.)


If you're an author, please feel free to contact Piper about full production packages for your book. She is also available to direct projects & loves working with first time author/narrators. If you have a title requiring two voices, please see Little Town Studios, where Piper works with her husband, narrator Gabriel Vaughan. #marrators

Fantasy, Young Adult, and Literary Fiction...

with a side of murder.

Her Name in the SkyYA, 3rd person, multi character
00:00 / 05:54
No JudgementsFic, 1st person, f/f scene
00:00 / 02:56
Anne of GGThe literary classic! Matthew, Marilla & Anne
00:00 / 04:46
Royal PainRom Com, RP accent, f/f dialogue
00:00 / 02:12
The ArchivedYA, 1st person, m/f dialogue
00:00 / 00:50
Overcoming OverwhelmNon-fic, 1st person
00:00 / 01:36
Anne of Green GablesAnne & Diana
00:00 / 01:48
The Haunting of Blackwood HouseMystery, 3rd person, m/f dialogue
00:00 / 01:16

"Piper Goodeve gives an appealing narration of this whimsical audiobook. Goodeve skillfully inhabits each character as she paces the story beautifully. This is a big-hearted tale of finding one's way after an unexpected derailment." © AudioFile Magazine

"Narrator Piper Goodeve and author Elinor Lipman amuse and engage in equal measure... Goodeve relishes the red herrings and the romance, and in a performance guaranteed to make you smile, delivers the entertaining asides and comments with an excellent feel for clever repartee." Audiofile Featured Article "5 Audiobooks on Love"

"Goodeve's even cadence, pleasing tone, and articulate narration make for an appealing production. As she provides voices befitting each character, her skillful portrayal highlights each of their unique personalities. Full of emotion, her performance vividly captures the magical world, aurally illustrating the tale, and drawing listeners deeper into Ember and Jack's story." - Audiofile Magazine


The End of my Heart was a 2021 Audie Award Finalist for Best Original Work 

"The cast is simply spectacular as they go all-in to capture the sounds of old-time radio. Listeners must be prepared to leave their earbuds in because once they start this, they won’t want to stop." 2021 Audies Finalist © AudioFile


"With her warm and compassionate voice, narrator Piper Goodeve makes this middle school audiobook resonate... Meg must discover her own voice and figure out who she is, and Goodeve's skillful portrayal helps her do that. Her realistic tone and emotional nuances capture a wide range of feelings as Meg muddles through the complexities of changing friendships." © AudioFile 


"Piper Goodeve is the ideal narrator for this coming-of-age audiobook. Goodeve conveys every degree of Evie's perceptiveness, regret, and intelligence as she yearns for a more settled life. Listeners will worry about her... An accomplished and well-paced narration..."

© AudioFile 


"This first-person story requires narrator Piper Goodeve to portray the wide array of emotions experienced by its teenage protagonist. Goodeve brings Frances to life, capturing the young witch's personality and placing listeners in the setting of 1911 New York. When conflicts arise, Goodeve's narration highlights the action without sacrificing Frances's emotional reactions. This bewitching production will have listeners hoping for a sequel." © AudioFile 


"Goodeve will impress listeners with her ability to consistently portray Codi's rapid development and make each supporting character vivid. Her performance of a teen who is exploring her sexual preference and the LGBTQ community is authentic and refreshing." © AudioFile 

"This angst filled coming of age story is perfectly narrated by Goodeve whose pitch and tone resembles that of a teenager questioning their choices." - Rachel Adams, YALSA


"The audiobook is narrated by Piper Goodeve who does a fantastic job. All the voices are distinctive and perfect for the characters’ ages and personalities. Her performance of the different emotions is spot-on." -LezReviewBooks


"In this moving audiobook, narrator Piper Goodeve superbly guides listeners through the complicated emotional journey of Charlotte, a 29-year-old widow. Vibrant supporting characters, especially Charlotte's quirky, kindhearted roommate, and her mother, Jean, with her delightful Brooklyn accent, help Charlotte reassess her past and reinvigorate her personal life." © AudioFile


"With skill and aplomb, Piper Goodeve narrates this feel-good romance centered on Lily, a struggling Chicago artist who has reached a crisis point in both her personal and professional lives. Goodeve portrays Lily as naïve and feckless but nevertheless endearing." - Audiofile 

"Piper Goodeve was delightful as the narrator for this story. She captured each character from their mannerism to emotions. Her tone is pleasant and draws the listener in. I would listen to her again." - Caffeinated Reviewer

"Piper did a tremendous job capturing Allison's humor and tone. It's almost insane how much she sounds like my internal voice for Allison." Madeleine Roux, Author, Allison Hewitt is Trapped

Gabrel Vaughan - Piper Goodeve - End of My Heart
Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 12.30.50 PM

"Piper made every character feel brand new to me (and that's saying something, considering how much time I spent thinking and writing about them). I loved the way she voiced Hannah -- it was like she intuitively understood her character the same way I did. I had never truly "heard" her voice before - in terms of not being able to separate it from my own - but Piper made her feel distinct and real and nuanced. It was like I was seeing her as a separate entity (from myself) for the first time." -Kelly Quindlen, Author, Her Name in the Sky 

"Piper sent this audio over the top in my opinion. She breathed life in to the story and elevated it which is always the sign of a great narrator to me. Piper's ability to be a vocal chameleon and bring realism and emotion to both male and female characters is uncommon in the audiobook world and makes me seek her books out." - Lydia Rella, Aural Fixation, London Bound by Amy Daws


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